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The Ultimate Educational Guide to MIPS Assembly Programming (平装本)


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The MIPS microprocessor is the most known representer of the RISC design philosophy and constitutes an ideal tool for introducing Assembly programming. Moreover, the MIPS 32bit Assembly is the most popular tool among Universities due to simplicity for learning and understanding. This book has been written from a pure educational point of view and constitutes an ideal learning tool for students. Additionally, this book has some unique features such as:* understandable text* flow charts analysis* step by step code development* well documented code* analytic figures* laboratory exercisesIt is important to note that the whole book material has been tested under real conditions in higher education. By buying this book you have access to download material such as lab solution manual and power point presentations.This book constitutes the ultimate educational guide which offers important knowledge and demystifies the Assembly programming. Moreover, this book has been written by taking in account the real needs of students, teachers and others who want to develop MIPS Assembly based applications. The above lines, state the deep belief of the author that this book will constitute a great teaching and educational tool for helping anyone understand the MIPS 32bit Assembly language. On the other hand, the book can be easily used by the teacher for organizing lectures and presentations as well as the laboratory exercises. Please check the sample pages in